The Access Conference is the pre-eminent Canadian library technology conference and typically attracts librarians and information technology professionals from all over Canada, and in recent years the United States and even Europe.
Randy Reichardt, STLQ

Capitalize on Access 2006 to weather the information technology storm. Lightning and thunder talks, in-depth analyses, panel discussions, and hackfest will allow you to participate in discussions about cutting-edge library technologies.

Access 2006 is your forecast for technology planning and development.

The conference is an eclectic group of technically savvy people who get together every year to share fresh challenges, projects and solutions related to advances in information and library communities.

It is a single stream conference with limited attendance, which provides ample opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

Common touchstones at the conference include:

  • customized web applications and search interfaces
  • open source software
  • national and provincial consortiae initiatives
  • information policy
  • digital media
  • library catalogue innovations
  • end user searching behaviours
  • metadata

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