View this year’s Hackfest results online.

Hackfest 2006 … to be held Wednesday, October 11 … is a day-long adventure in which coders and library-side folks get together in a relaxed and non-pressure atmosphere to tackle challenges and find solutions, in a mash-up sort of way.

This year, due to the number of applicants, we are holding two sessions: the original Hackfest for the earlier registrants for Hackfest; and an additional “Ad-Hockfest” for those that were on the Hackfest waiting list.

The Hackfest will be hosted by Carleton University’s Learning Commons. Although it will be busy with students at this time of year, the Learning Commons is graciously providing access to both wired desktops and wireless connections in its Presentation Room.

The “Ad-Hockfest” will be hosted by Library and Archives Canada. Wireless Internet access will be available at this location, but computers will not be available; so those who have them should bring laptops.

Anyone who wants to work on a particular library coding challenge, or who just wants to try something out in the company of like-minded folks, may suggest a “project” to be worked on. A call for suggestions for projects has been issued; and several from the ideas submitted will be selected to be worked on. The results of the day’s projects will presented during the conference proper.

As in the past, attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops.

For more information about Hackfest, Roy Tennant penned a critical review of Hackfest a while ago that still stands as a valid assessment. And, for those who need a video fix, Roy also compiled a 10MB movie at Hackfest 2003 that is a must-see!

Join us for Hackfest and “Ad-Hockfest” 2006!